Afternoon naps.
Delivering Flowers.
Cyclo waiting for a fare.
Starting the day.
Street of shoes.
Cart of sugar cane.
Vegetable vendor.
Baskets, baskets and more baskets.
Flower girl.
Storekeeper on a roadside.
Bar b queing at an open air market.
Boy holding up BBQ chicken wings.
Delivering rugs.
A farmer heading off to another field.
Winnowing rice.
Trekking up the hillside.
Terraced rice paddys.
Getting the fields ready for the growing season.
Grooming the rice paddy.
Trimming the Marumi Kumquat trees.
Harvesting her vegetable garden.
Plowing with a water buffalo.
Morning tea.
Selling wishes.
Waiting for hungry customers.
Boy in sampan.
Sorting the morning catch.
Woman in conical hat.
Water taxi at sunset.
Water taxi woman.
Monk at Bayon Temple.
Monk at Angkor Wat.
Walls in Hoi An.
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